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Optimum ​Health

9 am -5 pm

Monday thru Saturday

Closed Sunday

Dedicated to you THRIVING!


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Sacramento's Leading Professional Natural Healthcare Store

Best of Sacramento

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WOW...thanks to our clients for such great online reviews and their loyal following for over 27 plus years!


Store Hours are 9 am to 3 pm

We will update as needed to the public.

Our offer delivery services are greater Sacramento area, the cost for delivery is $7.00. 

Mail order is available within the United States, postal rates vary.

Regarding pick up orders, 

you can pick up up to 5:00 pm daily

Greater Sacramento Home delivery orders 

Same day delivery guidelines

10:30 am for same-day delivery

Exception no deliveries on Sunday. 

Same day delivery, if called in by phone to us by 10:30 am, after this time will be delivered the next day.

Mail orders (national) are picked up by USP appx. 1:00 pm

Orders received after this time will ship the next day. 

Instruction for Pick up deliveries

  • We allow curbside delivery with clients calling ahead, for existing clients:  If we are there and are on the other line please leave your order on the service or email it in and we will call you back with a confirmation.  
Currently Safety Guidelines

We have protocols to give keep our space and our delivered products as safe as possible during this challenging time. We currently allow up to 5 persons in the store, with masks on for shopping.

For Immune compromised clients

For a pick up your order, PLEASE, stay in your car and give us a call inside the store, we will bring out your order to the car.  We have protocols to give keep our space and our delivered products as safe as possible during this challenging time.

Our Professional line manufacturers (90% of our inventory)  are USA-based are doing a great job trying to keep up with demand.  If you want an extra stock that products we do require payment (not refundable) for the product when we order it.  That way you just pick it up when it comes in. 

Since 90% percent of our product lines are practitioners' lines, meaning they are sold only to health care providers, there is a tight chain of command in their production, they are manufactured in the USA, and they are responding admirably.  This is done to protect our clients from counterfeit products or improperly stored and mishandled products.  Please let your family and friends know that this is a real risk, more now than ever for counterfeit or mishandled products being sold online. 

If you are an existing client, please make sure we have your email address so you receive an update email on what is best practice for you and your loved ones.   We trust the goodwill of our clients to care for those that they love so you can forward it on to your loved ones.

We have seniors who need this support and others who cannot afford to have internet in their homes and rely on the library, which right now they will be reluctant to go visit.

I and the staff will be available via phone from 9 am to 3 pm business hours, please leave a message if we cannot pick you up when you call and we will call you back.  We will continue to be closed Sundays to get orders done to manufactures and catch our breath. 

A parting note for right now, I have a pop-up reminder each and every day on my calendar at 8:00 am and 8:00 pm that rings my phone with this message.  It is a simple message.

Faith outweighs Fear

hold on to this fact.  

Every business owner will tell you we have to hold the space for changes and keep faith in our dreams to be with our community.   We have maintained our business for over 26 years plus so we are here for you, you are our community.  We are blessed to serve you.  Stay healthy. Stay strong. 

Are you looking for a Holistic Health approach for yourself ...

Then you are ready for us:

Optimum Health is located at 3220 Riverside Blvd. in the heart of Old Land Park neighborhood in Sacramento. We have had the pleasure of taking care of our clients since 1992. While we care many lines in health food stores we are distinctly different.  We offer professional health care product lines not available at health food stores and are only sold to professional health care practitioners. We offer personable one on one service to our clients and friends... the old fashioned way.

If your ability to know what to buy is stopped by:

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Your need to

save money

We can help you avoid aimless and ineffective purchasing of products that do not deliver the results that you want in your health.  It is one of the reasons that over 25 years ago we opened with professional supplement lines not found in storefront businesses.  The medical science background of our owner Nancy Yilk qualified us to manufactures that it was time to take it to the streets in helping the public get quality products.

Your need for safe &

effective suggestions

We are all unique in our needs and you deserve to be respected as a person trying to improve your health.  You are not alone in feelings of overwhelm and overload trying to sort out marketing information and how to strip it down to the real facts.  Next step is understanding what is important to YOUR  health...  and what will make a difference for you.  Education of our clients is first and foremost in our mission of serving them. 

Your need to

save time

We can help you avoid information overload and get firsthand experience

of what has shown to be effective for your goals. We have done this a long time and we know:

1.  The Good.. The Bad... and the Ugly of our industry, our job is to be on your side.

2. Success is not about some product but is about the RIGHT product.

Your need to

save effort

 It has to be easy to put your action plan into place in your life. We can make it easy for you to work with us, call or walk through our front door.   We even have Same Day Delivery for Sacramento, Elk Grove, and Folsom area and shipping Nationally.

Your need to make

more money 

We can help you create consistent energy and health which gives you the pathway to prosperity. We show you ways to calm and focus your mind, achieve optimal health and bring a deeper purpose to your life.  We all want to deliver our best in life.

Optimum Health Store

We're here to Help

When it comes to listening our client's health concerns we know they are looking for solutions, not hype.   Our commitment has always been to put your interest first... helping you sort out the difference between facts from fiction.   We work primarily with Professional Lines sold to Healthcare providers.  We believe in having  a  high criteria list of must haves for manufactures to be on the shelves in the store.  This is important to us and our clients safety. 

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Private Appointments

We're here to Educate

and Inspire

When I comes to your health,  symptoms are just the surface depiction of what lies beneath. When it comes to sorting out the picture of your health concerns… what they may mean, how you approach changing your lifestyle you may find you would like to sit down with someone to talk over your options.  Experience counts, access to a seasoned professional who has assisted clients for 25 plus years is often just what you having been looking for.

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Great Art and Gift Items Because it's fun...

We're here to be with our community

We focus on representing the creative art of artisans throughout the United States. Explore among our shelves.  98%  of our inventory is made in the U.S.   Whether a clients are purchasing our Beloved Blessing Stones... they have their own following... or a hand crafted art piece or picking up some Flying Wish Paper  for a party we enjoy their journey of discovery among the shelf's.  Click below to see some current artisan wares.

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Professional Supplement Lines

Opening over 26 years ago we made a commitment to bring the best supplement lines to our clients. That meant Professional Supplement Lines that have lead the industry like Metagenics, Xymogen, Douglas Labs, Integrative Therapeutics, Pure Encapsulation just to name a few. Read further to understand why this is so important.

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Local Same Day Delivery or

National USPS Delivery

We are here to Deliver!

Same Day Home Delivery is available locally to Sacramento area, Folsom and Elk Grove. Orders must be received by 11:30 am to be delivered in the afternoon.  Orders received after 11:30 am will be delivered the following day.

We ship internationally to military service men and women via their APO address. 

Get in Touch

Business Hours

Monday to Saturday

9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Closed Sunday

Closed on the following Holidays

New Year Day, Labor Day, July 4th, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Where To Find Us

Wellness Connections Assessment Scan

One of the advantages of our Wellness Connection technology is the unbiased look at the clients responses; the biases I’m referring to are ours, the caregivers. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the ‘disease of the week club’?   We see this in our client population, an increase in the disease we learned about at last weekend’s ads on the internet, and this will change from week to week depending on which website or social media influencers  you go to.

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Food for Wellness Scan

"Let food be your medicine"


Accessing technology our

Food for Wellness Scan  looks for foods for their balancing potential to your system. 

Included are survey filters  you might not want to scan for such as: Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nightshade Free, Paleo Diet, Peanut Free, Tree Nut Free, Vegan or Vegetarian.

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How the Waist was Won!

Healthy Weight Program

Feel better and more energized than you’ve ever felt before

Are you looking for a weight management program that works quickly and offers permanent results?

How the Waist was Won Program is a nutritionally sound, easy to follow diet system that will satisfy your appetite and cravings and leave you full of energy to enjoy life – with fast, sustainable weight loss and health improvements.

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Let your body have a say in your journey to health!

It is truly is a mind, body, spirit experience.... let your hand do the talking.

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In summary...

If you are looking for the following:

To create your HEALTH ON PURPOSE and with purpose.


Real Time solutions to Real Life health concerns

Call today to begin your transformation with

Optimum Health on your side.


Our Mission

To assist in creating the realization, that health is possible - for everyone. We believe in the systemic balance approach to healthy aging. To accomplish this we have created approaches of caring for your health based on a synergy between body and science. We utilize our company’s knowledge base, services and technological advancements to foster a state of well-being.

The information offered by the Consumer Education Services of Optimum Health (OH)is not intended as and should not be construed as medical advice. The intent is to offer educational information on complimentary and traditional uses of natural alternatives. It is presented for informational purposes only. OH does not offer medical services, we encourage the public to seek advice from competent medical professionals for their personal needs. It has been a pleasure to help you better understand your health and how to care for yourself in natural non-invasive ways.