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A little history of Non-Cognitive Biofeedback

Bionetics: The Study of Life


For millennia, indigenous cultures have seen the human body as an energy system with the innate ability for self-healing. This ancient wisdom, from the Eastern model of medicine, is a discipline founded upon thousands of years of studying the relationships of nature and the natural flow of energy within the body. Its fundamental premise is that an adequate, unhindered and balanced flow of energy must be evenly present throughout the body in order to maintain health and that any imbalance in the energy flow can eventually lead to illness. Recently it has been shown that stress hinders the flow of energy through the meridian system affecting the tissues and creating imbalances within the body.

Healthy life energy is not static—it depends as much on the free movement of energy as it does on the energy itself. Likewise, balance is not static. Balance implies equal and opposite forces working in harmony to regulate each other. In a dynamic, living system, these forces are in a perpetual state of flux, constantly moving and synchronizing together. If an unbalanced state occurs, it is due to one force dominating another, either because the greater energy has become excessive, or because the lesser energy has become stagnant. The Chinese found that there are twelve major energy channels flowing in the body. By analyzing the intricate relationships of the various channels, a wealth of information may be obtained. From this perspective, one is able to look at the whole picture of health and find potential imbalances that might one day create functional distress, simply by assessing each of the energy channels. Eastern medicine identifies the energy flow as ch’i (pronounced chee) or life force. It is believed that ch'i circulates throughout the body along pathways called meridians (not to be confused with the nerves), which make up the body’s invisible information network, lining all the organs and systems together. The Chinese model of medicine explains that the twelve resulting in 24 distinct pared pathways. Each pair correlates with some organ, system, or process in the physical body for which the meridian is named. If there is imbalance between the pairs it can now be easily identified.


The first procedure to identify the imbalances was used about 50 years ago. The technology, based primarily on the pioneering work of Reinhold Voll, M.D. of Germany experimented in acupuncture meridians, in the late 1940’s and found them to be access points through which the electrical energy of the meridians could be measured. At the same time, he found that it was not necessary to penetrate the skin using needles, but instead he could obtain accurate measurements by using electrodes on the skin’s surface. Voll utilized the premise of measuring the meridians energy system to determine the vitality of the body’s organs. He found a way to differentiate the electrical impedance of healthy and sick people and was so successful with his technique that it became known as Electroacupuncture According to Voll, or EAV. Voll’s devices became the forerunners of systems that are now classified as biofeedback in the United States.

As the field and influences on EAV grew the Japanese and Americans followed suit with similar devices and by the end of 1980 EAV had become computerized. Dr. Bodo Kohler of Germany states that recent research emphasize the link between the meridian system and current biophysical knowledge. In his paper entitled Biophysical Information Therapy (BIT): The Evolu-tion of Subtle Energy Medicine, he says, “The information flow in the human body… is in all likelihood identical with the meridian system”, supporting Voll’s findings.

It is apparent that the extensive research of Dr. Reinhard Voll over fifty years ago has provided a bridge between ancient Eastern wisdom and the finding of modern biophysicists, creating a new paradigm for health and wellness assessment. The basic difference between EAV and other forms of conventional biofeedback is that EAV typically is not used for voluntary stress management. Rather, it collects information from the body without the participant's conscious manipulation of the data.


Today’s Accupoint Stress testing devices are highly sophisticated. They can be used to measure stress responses to help determine optimal nutritional and homeopathic protocols that facilitate the meridian flow. The multi-channel system incorporates an automatic screening process for non-invasive stress testing to determine functional imbalances in the body, applying techniques utilized under the principles of the Chinese Medical Modules. Modern technology makes the testing process very efficient; what used to take hours can now be accomplished in 20 minutes or less.

Often referred to as Non-Cognitive Biofeedback

Non-cognitive biofeedback researchers, including Barbara Brown PhD. Found the skin to be a conduit for the knowledge contained within the human body. In a chapter entitled Skin Talk form her book, New Mind: New Body, Brown states:

“If we think in terms of the electrical energy that flows in these skin conversations and liken it to the electro-magnetic radiations that lay hidden in uranium ore. We can have some idea of the potential force of the skin to guide expeditions to the furthermost horizons of man’s mind.”

According to Dr. Richard Gerber in his book Vibrational Medicine, the instrumentation already exists which can “extend our physical senses to perceive the subtle energies of this invisible realm. In his book Vibrational Medicine, Dr. Richard Gerber MD says one of the best ways we can change dysfunctional patterns in our energy bodies is to administer therapeutic doses of “frequency-specific subtle energy in the form of vibrational medicines.” Of the non-cognitive bio-feedback technology, Dr. Gerber says, “… this system is one of the best available for this class of biofeedback technology. I highly recommend it.” Multi-channel biofeedback instruments like the Zyto provides the technology that, when applied to the concepts of its predecessors, offers the promises of discoveries and applications about which humans have only dreamed.

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