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"Body Bing" Blog

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Our Blog

Here's what is happening

Launching our new updated website... time for a fresh face!

November 26,2017

Getting ready to launch our new refreshed website and in 2018 we will be moving on to our new membership site.  Stay Tuned for exciting new services.  In the meantime we are getting our new products in for the holiday season.  Stop by and see the goodies.

Wellness Connections Scan

December 1, 2017

We have recently completely revamping out Bio Communication Scan and you will love the results.  Check out our front page to link to the information on the updated scan.  We will be performing this scan service in the store, considerable savings for clients versus booking an private appointment with Nancy.  This is a valuable tool to understanding the body and the mind/spirit connection.  Remember it is important to "think outside the box" so we can get your body to color back inside the lines. 

Sip and Wish Party

December 6 2017

Who couldn't use a extra Wish, Dream, Hope at the end of 2017?  We are going to find out with our Sip and Wish Event.  This coming Wednesday, December 13th from 5 - 7 pm come by and enjoy a cup of tea and get a wish on us.  This year we found a wonderful product that are Flying Wish Papers.  Think of a Special Wish and write on the Flying Wish Paper.  Shape your paper into a standing tube ... don't worry we will show you the tricks to become a pro at this.... for your own party :-)  Light the top of the tube and watch it burn down into a small beautiful flame.  At the LAST moment your wish magically lifts up off the platform and rises to the heaven.

While you are in the building  our fellow shop owners are having their events... R Cube is having a Sip and Shop, Mother Goose is having a Sip and Play.  Of course there is always Landmark Vics Ice Cream and now their coffee shop.  Stop by and enjoy the Land Park Neighborhood. 

Our Mission

To assist in creating the realization, that health is possible - for everyone. We believe in the systemic balance approach to healthy aging. To accomplish this we have created approaches of caring for your health based on a synergy between body and science. We utilize our company’s knowledge base, services and technological advancements to foster a state of well-being.

The information offered by the Consumer Education Services of Optimum Health (OH)is not intended as and should not be construed as medical advice. The intent is to offer educational information on complimentary and traditional uses of natural alternatives. It is presented for informational purposes only. OH does not offer medical services, we encourage the public to seek advice from competent medical professionals for their personal needs. It has been a pleasure to help you better understand your health and how to care for yourself in natural non-invasive ways.

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