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We don't mind being different... in fact we are proud of our services

and commitment to our clients needs.

First and foremost we want the public to be aware that health is not

something you can purchase in a bottle.

  Never has been ... never will be.

Your own your health it is not a commodity that is saleable.

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This is a bold statement to make and we know that given the fact that most of what you find in business services today would make you believe you can purchase your way to health. Bear with us and read on a little further so you can understand our primary philosophy in which we approach your health concerns and the support your many needs. This fundamental belief of what is fact about you and your health and how we can help you is one of the primary reasons that we believe you may want to do business with us.

We don't mind being different.

In this day and age many advertisers would have you believe that health is achieved by spending your way to health however, it is not. You own your health; it is not something you can purchase, you were born with it and it is yours to nurture and protect. The significant opportunity you have available for yourself is to understand that your creation of the most advantageous or healthiest environment in your body allows your natural health to respond to heal itself at its highest level possible. After all, it is not just what genes you have, it is about the environment your genes live in that give them the expression in your health. The drive for survival is the reason that our bodies make such beautiful decisions minute by minute to heal the body. This has made us survive as a species. Truth be told...we may be modern urbanites, yet our bodies are still stone age in principle, and the commanding drive in the body is to heal. When someone considers availing themselves of nutritional health they do so by the foods they eat, the way they manager their stressors and current suggestions is through supplementation when lifestyle and diet can't quite deliver. At Optimum Health & Wellness Know How, our educational arm of our practice, we are dedicated to Health through Education. We want you to have in place the appropriate perspective of why you should consider one product over another, or why the quality of the product will make a difference in its ability to deliver what you are reading about in the news. 

Information & words come to us daily at the speed of light.

We are here to help you distinguish what is educational information and what is marketing. Marketing is solely meant to sell a product. Our intentions are to support your health with clarity and on purpose, not just have you buy something to be buying something. That approach does not work for your health, your pocket book, nor for our desire to serve you and your life. Our goal is to return the authority of your health back to you. Authority meaning... who authors your life? We would hope for you that that authority comes from you once you have a foundational knowledge base of how supplementation may help or not help you. By promoting health through education, we move you to a working knowledge which enables us together to design your own blue print for implementing a broad and comprehensive plan for caring for your health.

Information & words come to us daily at the speed of light.

We recognize the following:

Everyone is bio-chemically unique.

Everyone is health unique.

Your goals should be all about you.

Your body is the most intimate ecosystem you will ever encounter.

When it comes to you and your health we believe you have the right for it to be all about you. It doesn't really matter what worked for someone else at the office or that you met at a party... what matters is how or why something is worth your time and investment. When it comes to figuring out what you need to support your health needs we like to think that we are a great partner for you to have on your team to give you the information so you can make the decisions in your life that matter to you. That is why we offer Professional product lines and have developed our classes and services which engage cutting edge technology for your benefit. We want our clients to get the big picture of health, the WHOLE-ness of who you are... this is where the holistic approach comes in, you are the greater of the sum of the whole, mind body and spirit.

Where do we begin in helping you?

Define the difference between what your expectations are, and turn them into goals.  Simply put,expectations are premeditated resentments. Marketers hope we won’t realize this, since their goal is to successfully manipulate us with our own expectations. When we put them in the context of health it makes our perceptions about our own health illusive and often not achievable. That somehow we are fundamentally broke and need to be fixed, which always leads us to their product to fix us. When we aren’t able to meet made up expectations the natural response is to blame ourselves, we ending up beating ourselves up for being wrong about what we thought. This only supports the sense of failure in our health program defeating what the body always wants to do for us… heal itself.

Get clear on your goals & design a plan meant just for you.

In this day and age many advertisers would have you believe that health is achieved by spending your way to health however, it is not. You own your health; it is not something you can purchase, you were born with it and it is yours to nurture and protect.You have easy accessibility to us when you have the need to be supported as your needs change along with daily life. We are open Monday to Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. That’s what being a community is all about... neighbors caring for neighbors. 

Get a little further information on how we can help you

Looking for Help?

Our Mission

To assist in creating the realization, that health is possible - for everyone. We believe in the systemic balance approach to healthy aging. To accomplish this we have created approaches of caring for your health based on a synergy between body and science. We utilize our company’s knowledge base, services and technological advancements to foster a state of well-being.

The information offered by the Consumer Education Services of Optimum Health (OH)is not intended as and should not be construed as medical advice. The intent is to offer educational information on complimentary and traditional uses of natural alternatives. It is presented for informational purposes only. OH does not offer medical services, we encourage the public to seek advice from competent medical professionals for their personal needs. It has been a pleasure to help you better understand your health and how to care for yourself in natural non-invasive ways.

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