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Wellness Connections Scan

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Ever wish you could just understand what your body needed to feel better? 

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Are you looking for a Holistic Health approach for yourself ...

Then you are ready for us!

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Are you looking for a Holistic Health approach for yourself ...

Then you are ready for us!

When it comes to our health, symptoms are just the surface depiction of what lies beneath.

Like an iceberg, our symptoms are letting you know of the bigger story that

lies below the water line.

When it comes to sorting out the picture of your health concerns… what they are trying to tell us is just the part of the whole story.  How you approach changing your lifestyle habits, mindset, and physical experiences in your life ... of YOU in your own life can be confusing, to say the least.  You may find you need or want to talk to someone to go over your options. experience an unbiased approach to letting your body have its say.   This is where a private Wellness Connections Scan appointment can give you a chance to let your body do the talking. It is the thinking outside the box that may give you some exciting ideas of how to get your body (your experience of being you in this life) to start coloring back in the lines.  Assisting you to meet a core goal in your like, living a more peace-filled life.

Let your body, mind and spirit ​communicate with you!

Improving Wellness through Biocommunication

Welcome to our

Wellness Connections Support

with our innovative decision support technology that can take the guesswork out of choosing nutritional products along with

supportive wellness options.

The Wellness Connections Solution bioscan relies on galvanic skin response (GSR)—an established

technology that measures fluctuations in the electrical conductivity of the skin.  One familiar application of GSR is lie detector testing.   Each Virtual Item represents a different physical item. Every time the software introduces a Virtual Item, a corresponding GSR reading is taken by the Hand Cradle.  Each new response is measured and tracked in comparison to the GSR baseline reading.

It all about Coherence...

Say What???

co•her•ence (koʊˈhɪər əns, -ˈhɛr-)

also co•her′en•cy,

1. the act or state of cohering; cohesion.

2. logical interconnection.

3. congruity; consistency.

4. Physics, Optics. (of waves) the state of being coherent

Biological Coherence

While tracking the GSR data in comparison with each Virtual Item, ZYTO software assigns each Virtual Item a positive or negative value based on the coherence patterns.  Positive values indicate Virtual Items that the body is biologically coherent with.

Energetic Coherence

When the parts and pieces of a system work in harmony with one another, we call this coherence. The greater a system’s coherence, oftentimes the greater its efficiency.  Measuring this signal of cooperation, or the lack thereof, provides understanding about what may increase or decrease efficiency.   When the body’s energetic coherence increases after a Virtual Item is introduced, the item is given a positive score.  If the body’s energetic coherence decreases, the item is given a negative score.

Prioritized Responses

An easy-to-read report is generated that displays a ranking of the Virtual Items that resulted in greater biological coherence.  The report can then be used to assist individuals as they make choices to maintain overall health and wellness.  We call this whole process biocommunication.

What's the History?

Our Wellness Connections technology is based on the dynamic nature of the body and the body’s unique ability to respond to subtle stimuli.  We are particularly interested in centuries-old conceptions of the energetic aspects of anatomy. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), this energy is commonly referred to as chi.

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In the 1930s, French acupuncturists began experimenting with the electrical properties of skin.  They discovered that acupuncture points are more electrically conductive than the surrounding tissue.

In the early 1950s, this research was further expanded by the celebrated German physician Reinhold Voll, MD. Voll later used this research to collaborate in the design and development of a measurement device called the Dermatron.

The Dermatron measure the electrical potential of the skin by means of a stylus that was manually applied to an acupuncture point.  Voll discovered that the skin’s energetic characteristics were reflective of the health or condition of the organ or body system associated with each acupuncture point.

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Voll, and a number of colleagues, mapped hundreds of energetic points on the body and their corresponding relationships.  Voll also developed and incorporated a micro-stimulator into the Dermatron that was used to treat the

points that showed abnormal readings.  This technique became known as Electroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV).

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Part of Voll’s technique involved the testing of medicine. Voll discovered that when brought into proximity of the body, medicine affected the electrical characteristics of the skin being measured with the Dermatron.   As a result of this discovery, Voll developed an elaborate system of measuring

points for the purpose of diagnosis and then introduced a variety of medicines until he found a combination that resulted in energetic balance to the acupuncture points.

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Voll’s EAV technique was introduced in the United States in the 1970s.   American scientists and engineers began computerizing the process around 1980. These computerized systems included the gathering and recording of data from the body.  This process involved creating a virtual representation of medicines and then generating a signal or frequency using the virtual representation to track the effects on the body, similar to Voll’s process of moving actual medicine into proximity of the body. Early computerized devices included the Acupath 1000 and the Interro.

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Our owner, Nancy Yilk, first found EAV and its value to her health in 2001 training with originators in the US.  Over the subsequent years she studied with some of the most talent medical doctors in the country.  To be straight she actually followed one physician, with devotion of a groupie... nothing illicit, she was drawn to his brilliance... around the country as he taught how this work as it is practiced in Europe. Learning the value of theory not just application without background knowledge, learning the historical foundation.

This time was intellectual one of the most valuable investment in her time and money. She brings so much of the knowledge that she gleaned from this brilliant man to her work daily.

In 2007 she came across the Zyto technology at a conference. She didn't believe that a more simplified process to such was possible.  She also had spent over $30,000on her first machine, so I thought of another purchase... well let's just say she was critical out of defense of the equipment possibilities.

Then she had a scan to prove herself right, and she wasn't right... it worked great.  Darn, was her first thought at the end of that scan, now she needed to deliver this technology to her clients.  She was attracted to the ability to program the software with the knowledge base of historical theory that she had gleaned from her amazing teachers over the years.  She knew the possibilities the technology offered not just as an inquisitive information tool for clients to learn about their specific health but also as a demonstration the interaction of the in the Mind, Body and Spirit connection.  

How it helps make better dec​isions faster

How it helps make better decisions faster Just like a flight simulator allows a pilot to see how he may respond to various

situations, Wellness Connections provides information as to how the body may respond to various “situations” or stimuli. These signals are generated using ZYTO software. We call these Virtual Items.   Some of these Virtual Items may include:



Hormonal influencers

Environmental Influences

Nutritional supplements

Personal Belief Statements

Bio-energetic fields

The body is able to respond to the Virtual Item in less than one second.  Responses are gathered and displayed in reports. When paired with other tests and methods, these reports assist users in making individualized wellness decisions.

Systems that Greatly Influence Welln​ess

There are 4 core systems that need to be functioning correctly for the body to maintain health and wellness:

* Detoxification system

* Gastrointestinal system

* Hormonal/Endocrine system

* Immune system

The Wellness Connections Biosurvey scans for the biomarkers associated with these four systems as well as the Virtual Items associated with lifestyle choices that have the most significant impact on these systems.

Next we collect key lifestyle data points​

The Wellness Connections biosurvey addresses these 4 critical

systems by scanning for primary stressor Virtual Items—organs, glands, and systems—and then scanning for the following secondary stressor VIs that impact the health of those primary items.

* Toxins such as heavy metals, bacteria, and chemicals

* Biomarkers such as hormones and neurotransmitters

* Foods and food additives

* Lifestyle choices such as diet, hydration, and sleep

It is all about you!

What it all adds up to is a more personalized experience for you. When you get a scan you become your own wellness advocate. These individualized results will help you make decisions that can positively impact your physical health.

This is seeing what lies below the surface​

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Remember the iceberg from our front page... it is true our health is multi layered. Most of the time focus is just on physical symptoms however it is difficult to understand what lies beneath those symptoms.  Is it the stress that we have in our life, or is it our foundational belief system of what we think about ourselves, those in our lives, and life itself?

In designing our Wellness Connections scan we dive deep to give you some possible insights into your health and life. We look at your mind, body & spirit connections and their relationship to how you are experiencing your health. There is no real separation of these three qualities or how you share your life experience with others, and more importantly how you share it with your private Self.  The program is asking minute by minute, "What do you think of this product? What about this personal belief? What about your sense of connection with yourself and others". There are hundreds upon hundreds of questions it is asking.. and your body does the answering. In fact, it's happy to have its say.

The resulting report gives you the top beneficial answers to those questions. They may be a nutritional support, how diet maybe affecting you, what services that may be the most beneficial for you to consider, and positive belief statements that prompt you to look at life differently.

Wellness Food Scan

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Our Mission

To assist in creating the realization, that health is possible - for everyone. We believe in the systemic balance

approach to healthy aging. To accomplish this we have created approaches of caring for your health based on a

synergy between body and science. We utilize our company’s knowledge base, services and technological

advancements to foster a state of well-being.

The information offered by the Consumer Education Services of Optimum Health (OH) is not intended as and should not be construed as medical advice. The intent is to offer educational information on complimentary and traditional uses of natural alternatives. It is presented for informational purposes only. OH does not offer medical services, we encourage the public to seek advice from competent medical professionals for their personal needs. It has been a pleasure to help you better understand your health and how to care for yourself in natural non-invasive ways.