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Pet Health... caring for the silly ones.

Having grown up the seventh of eight kids along with a menagerie of animals in rural NE Nancy has been getting along with both two legged and four legged beings a long time. So helping our clients with their pet care is a natural fit.

There has been an explosion of products on the market in the last few years to take advantage of the growing pet care industry. This commercialization of our love for our loved ones is getting sometimes right down ruthless. When it comes to nutritional products for animals there can be less rigors around safe manufacturing and ingredient integrity. 

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We all on staff have animals, here is some pics of our dogs... kitties refused to be featured on the internet. We want them, along with your pets, to be safe when it comes to natural health care. We have done many appointments for pets and love seeing them get great quality of life.  We are pet friendly and pet lovers.

The natural remedies that we have found success with our animal clients are in the area of Nutrients, Homeopathy, and Emotional releases using Flower Essence therapy.  You may want to check out our page our Wellness Connections Scan since this can be done for animals and owners alike.  We are also lucky to have some great veterinarians in Sacramento area who are skilled in integrative pet care along with acupuncture, we are happy to share their contact information. 

Our Mission

To assist in creating the realization, that health is possible - for everyone. We believe in the systemic balance approach to healthy aging. To accomplish this we have created approaches of caring for your health based on a synergy between body and science. We utilize our company’s knowledge base, services and technological advancements to foster a state of well-being.
The information offered by the Consumer Education Services of Optimum Health (OH)is not intended as and should not be construed as medical advice. The intent is to offer educational information on complimentary and traditional uses of natural alternatives. It is presented for informational purposes only. OH does not offer medical services, we encourage the public to seek advice from competent medical professionals for their personal needs. It has been a pleasure to help you better understand your health and how to care for yourself in natural non-invasive ways. OptimumHealthonPurpose on Google+